Go read this story of how a dress code exposed inequality on an Arctic research mission

Ice floe floating in Arctic Ocean.

An ice floe in the Arctic Ocean. | Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A few weeks into an Arctic research mission, women on board a Russian icebreaker were directed to think about “hot pants.” The ship’s mission had a new dress code, one that prohibited tight or revealing clothing.

The ship, the Akademik Fedorov, set sail last fall as part of a larger — and still on-going — international project called MOSAiC that is researching the Arctic’s climate. People aboard the ship helped deploy buoys that could take critical measurements of sea ice, among other research.

One of the women who received the new rules was reporter Chelsea Harvey, who wrote about the surreal and infuriating experience in a story for E&E News. The new rules, the group was told, were partly to make sure that people were dressing…

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