From The Strategist: this adjustable table has made me a better writer — and mom

The author, in her home office, hard at work using her tray. Photo: Courtesy of Liz Carey

Over the course of my career as a writer, I have probably spent the cost of my son’s future college tuition to have physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and crystal healers (sorry, I live in LA) all tell me a version of the same thing: “You sit wrong while you work.” My job is a literal pain in the neck — and frankly, my top left shoulder, too. When I am on a job that expects me to work outside of my bedroom (which is where I work from home), I can find a little relief from the fancy standing desks that lots of writers’ rooms are furnished with. But I work from home a lot, and a standing desk would never work for me at home, because they tend to be quite large. They can also be very expensive and, to be honest: I hate…

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