Fast & Furious can’t resist that joke about turning it up to 11, so you get one last movie

The Fast & Furious saga will finally end after its 11th installment, Deadline and Variety report — which, if you’re counting, is one more movie than we were expecting until now. Justin Lin, who directed five of the past eight F&F films, is reportedly set to direct the last two as well.

Of course they were going to make another movie. Unlike Chaim and Julia, I may know next to nothing about Fast’s plot or characters., but I do know spectacle — and there was no way in hell a $5+ billion box office blockbuster franchise, a series whose every installment attempts to jump the shark in the most spectacular ways possible, and a series that’s literally about tuning cars to the max, wasn’t going to turn it all the way up to 11.

Also, that money….

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