Everything you wanted to know about self-isolation, from a person who’s living it

Photo via Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash

It’s a romance story, really: boy asks girl to go to Milan for Valentine’s Day weekend. They dine, wine, ski, shop, then come home and spend two weeks at home barely leaving each other’s side.

At least, it would be a romance story if it weren’t for the fact that just days after they returned, Italy experienced an outbreak of the novel coronavirus that, to date, has killed and infected more than 100 people and 3,000 people, respectively, in that region.

The girl in question is me, by the way, and the first reaction people have when I tell them I’ve been advised to self-quarantine is that they’re shocked or sorry. But the truth is there’s nothing that prepares you better for isolation than the internet era. I already spend my days in…

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