Duolingo partnered with Twitch to help you learn languages better

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Yesterday, language-learning platform Duolingo announced a partnership with Twitch — yes, you read that right — to begin what’s called the Duolingo Verified Streamer program. The company chose 12 multilingual streamers to partner with who stream everything from cooking to CS: GO. The idea is that practicing with a streamer will help you learn faster, even if you aren’t speaking aloud. Immersion, above all, is key to learning a new language.

According to the company, each Duolingo streamer is part of its Global Ambassador program, which is a worldwide network of volunteers that helps Duolingo host events, build courses, and generally advance its mission. The company’s Twitch partnership is starting with Duolingo’s core languages, which…

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