Dr Disrespect is writing a memoir, which will be published in 2021

TwitchCon 2019

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Twitch isn’t the Wild West, but it is populated by a host of larger-than-life characters — none, of course, larger than the site’s original heel, Dr Disrespect. His backstory is shrouded in mystery: what, really, was the Blockbuster Video Game Championships, and how did he win two of them in the early ’90s? If you’ve ever wondered that, or anything else about him — I mean, what’s with the mustache, and why does he continually refer to it as a poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar? — you’re in luck. The Doc sold a memoir to Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, titled Violence. Speed. Momentum. It’s slated for the spring of 2021 and promises at least a few answers. And yes, it will be written in character.

“The Champions Club demands…

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