DJI’s new $439 Ronin gimbal is made for mirrorless cameras

DJI has announced a successor to its Ronin S handheld gimbal that’s smaller, lighter, and cheaper, starting at $439 and available today. It’s called the Ronin SC, with the “c” standing for “compact,” and it’s more tailor-made for mirrorless cameras than its predecessor.

The Ronin SC largely shares the design of its predecessor, with a single stalk that leads up to a big 3-axis gimbal, all made of magnesium, steel, aluminum, and composite plastic. There’s a joystick and some buttons, which let the user change how those gimbals move (or control the movement directly). And this time around there are lock switches on each arm of the gimbal, which not only will help users store the Ronin with less chaos, but also should make it easier to…

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