Diaper delivery company Dyper will take back its nappies after use and compost them

Dyper’s diapers can be shipped back for composting | Dyper

Dyper wants you to send in your poop — or more precisely, your baby’s poop. For those who subscribe to its diaper delivery service, Dyper will take back its compostable diapers once the baby’s done their business and handle the composting in its ReDyper program, a partnership with waste management company TerraCycle.

Subscribers get ReDyper hazmat shipping boxes and labels that go to TerraCycle, which sends them to a partner industrial composting facility. While it’s not the only diaper delivery service, Dyper says its product is the first compostable diaper ever created. But it’s up to the user to make sure the diapers actually get composted and not sent to a landfill (where they won’t biodegrade) with other garbage.

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