Developer suing Apple for stealing idea calls on others to join the fight

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

An app developer that’s suing Apple for allegedly copying one of its features says the industry needs to speak out against what it claims are Apple’s unfair business tactics. Blix, the developer behind the BlueMail email management app, claims that Apple not only stole its anonymous email sign-in feature with with “Sign in with Apple,” but it then “suppressed” Blix’s iPhone app in search results and kicked its macOS app out of the App Store, the Financial Times reports.

“If Apple has kicked you out of any of its App Stores, used its developer guidelines to control your innovation, hijacked your store ranking, or (let’s be honest with each other) lied to you while it steals your technology, it’s time to talk,” Blix’s Dan Volach wrote in…

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