Death Stranding is so good that it shouldn’t have a sequel

Fractured Worlds: The Art of DEATH STRANDING

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

The most implausible thing about Death Stranding is that it exists at all. Hideo Kojima, its writer and director, has been saying that he wants to stop making Metal Gear Solid games for as long as he’s been making Metal Gear Solid games. Now, with a newly independent Kojima Productions receiving what appears to have been carte blanche from Sony to make whatever it wanted to as long as it was a PS4 game, Kojima’s first non-Metal Gear directorial project in decades is here.

And, while I love Metal Gear, the one thing Death Stranding has made me feel above all else is that I wish Kojima had left the series behind sooner.

Death Stranding positively drips with Kojima’s aesthetic, from its evocative not-quite-English terminology to its…

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