Dashlane brought back Deadspin for Super Bowl weekend under a new name

Deadspin is sort of back, baby — emphasis on the “sort of.” The writers of the beloved sports blog have teamed up for Super Bowl weekend in an abbreviated, un-Deadspin-branded form: Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Dot Com, courtesy of the password manager Dashlane. Call it an offering to the Big Game.

The Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog will run for one long weekend: three days of blogs. The writers are familiar: Tom Ley is editing, and there are already posts from Drew Magary, Albert Burneko, Luis Paez-Pumar, and Kelsey McKinney. The subjects are all over the place, at least according to Ley’s first post: “We will be posting blogs about sports and whatever else pops into our minds. We’ve been made feral by unemployment, so it’s possible…

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