Coronavirus funding bill includes a new push for remote healthcare

5G-aided Remote CT Scans Used To Diagnose COVID-19 Patients In China

Photo by Liu Zhongjun/China News Service via Getty Images

As the novel coronavirus spreads around the country, US agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are encouraging people who feel sick to first talk to doctors remotely, by video or phone, to avoid filling waiting rooms.

The $8.3 billion bill funding the US response to the virus opens those remote services to people on Medicare — that is, US adults over the age of 65. The bill gives the gives the Health and Human Services Secretary the power to suspend rules that restrict their access to remote care, or telehealth.

“That was really earth-shattering news for those of us in telehealth,” says Peter Antall, chief medical officer of telehealth provider American Well. “It’s right on target, as far as we’re concerned. This…

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