Coding remix site Glitch hits 2.5 million apps

Glitch, the quirky and collaborative coding site, announced a new milestone today: more than 2.5 million apps have been made on its website since it launched in 2017. (That’s up from 1 million apps just over a year ago.) On top of the milestone, Glitch also announced that it raised $30 million in funding last year, which is meant to show “how big we think the Glitch opportunity is” and that its coding tools are being built into Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

Glitch notes that 2.5 million is more than the number of apps that are in Apple’s App Store, but the comparison isn’t entirely apt. Apps on Glitch are decidedly smaller, simpler, and quicker to make on average. For example, many are focused, single-use things, like an app for making…

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