BoJack Horseman was a powerful show about addiction and a messy one about celebrity

Image: Netflix

As BoJack Horseman progressed through its six seasons, the show’s most obvious punchline didn’t get funnier; it got scarier. Yes, the cartoon horse was depressed. And an alcoholic. And he hurt the man with cancer. And gave the teens booze. And nearly slept with one. And tanked careers in order to save his own. And left someone to die. But when BoJack concluded with its final eight episodes, it wasn’t interested in a laugh so much as a reckoning.

Mild spoilers to follow for the final season of BoJack Horseman.

Everything finally catches up to BoJack, in a way. A Netflix original about a former sitcom star attempting a comeback while also dealing with addiction and depression, BoJack Horseman followed an anthropomorphic horse who…

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