Blue Origin and ULA are trying to intervene in SpaceX’s secret lawsuit against the government

<em>An artistic rendering of Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket</em>

Last week, SpaceX sued the US government over an unknown federal contract it didn’t receive — and now the company’s rivals Blue Origin and the United Launch Alliance want to intervene with the lawsuit. The two companies believe that SpaceX is protesting a combined $2 billion award the US Air Force gave to Blue Origin, ULA, and Northrop Grumman last October to develop new rockets for the Air Force. SpaceX didn’t receive any money at the time, and now it’s possible the company wants to change that.

The awards were part of a coveted Air Force initiative known as the Launch Service Agreement program, aimed at developing new American-made rockets that can take military satellites into orbit. For decades, the Air Force has depended on the…

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