Apple’s new laptop lineup is simpler, but choosing which one to buy isn’t any easier

Apple simplified its laptop lineup today by discontinuing a few models. The 12-inch MacBook and the pre-2018 MacBook Air are no longer sold through the Apple Store. Now, it’s just the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Simpler, right?

On the surface, Apple seems to have made deciding between those two laptop models even easier, too. The MacBook Air’s price has dropped by $100, bringing it down to $1,099 ($999 for students and teachers). At that price, it’s $200 less than the new baseline 13-inch MacBook Pro configuration.

And $200 is enough of a price difference that you might find yourself leaning toward the new MacBook Air. But there are a few reasons why spending that extra $200 on a MacBook Pro might be worth it in the long run.

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