Apple releases update for old iPhones and iPads to fix GPS bug

iPhone 5 Stock

The issue affects older iOS devices including the iPhone 5 (pictured). | Photo by Anthony Devlin/PA Images via Getty Images

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad introduced in 2012 or earlier, you should check your device for an iOS update if you want it to keep reporting the correct time, date, and location.

Apple is pushing a software update to a selection of older iOS phones and tablets to fix an issue affecting global GPS. The problem is known as the Week Number Rollover issue, and its cause is due to GPS systems that record weeks as 10-bit figures. That means that when they hit week 1,024 (just under 20 years), the count resets, and the consequence is that some older hardware is thrown off course, figuratively and literally.

GPS makers like TomTom and Garmin have been issuing patches for this problem for a…

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