Android users can now experience the joy of being negged by Co—Star

Co Star launches its Android app

Co Star

Today I am going to get to the bottom of things and take myself out to dinner because I have an Android phone and there is finally an Android version of the popular Co—Star astrology app. The FOMO can now come to an end for Android users who have not been able to get the often snarky, always meme-ready insights from one of the most popular iOS lifestyle apps. The app launched today after much anticipation, adding a huge new audience segment to its loyal following.

“There were over 120,000 of you on the waitlist, and yes, we read every single one of your DMs and emails,” the company said in an announcement of the new Android app. “The truth is, Co–Star is just eleven humans, and we wanted to get it right.”

For the uninitiated, Co—Star is…

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