Amazon Flex drivers won’t be paid if they have to stay home due to coronavirus

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Amazon has told its contract Flex drivers, which deliver the e-commerce company’s packages, to stay home if they get sick amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, according to a memo obtained by OneZero. However, unlike Amazon’s hourly workers, who will receive their regular pay even if they have to stay home, it seems as if the company’s Flex drivers won’t be compensated for their missed work.

Here’s the full memo, from OneZero:

Image: OneZero

It’s worth noting that Amazon doesn’t specifically say in this memo that Flex drivers won’t be paid — but any time one of those drives isn’t working, they aren’t getting paid, similar to Uber and Lyft drivers. So if they’re homebound due to coronavirus, it doesn’t seem as if…

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