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Apple, the tyrant, wants to kill competition. But if they do, then the gov will have to stop them, yet, our legal system says, hey, it’s ok to have a monopoly. It’s a big hot mess. Do you think if the cell phone companies banded together to stop sales of the iPhone and iPad it […]


By Derek McKinney

Built completely from scratch using PHP, MySQL to power the custom CMS. Mixing jquery and custom javascript, with html5 and css3 to give it a more up-to-date GUI.


By Derek McKinney

Built on Wordpress, as a theme, created from PSD’s.

Can you help Berty the Butterfly help her Friends?

She needs to help her friends find their things that they are missing.


Your kids will love this game because it will keep them entertained while also educating them.

There are 30 different levels each with their own educational challenges.

Your child will be tasked with searching behind all the objects on the screen until they find the lost item.

There are 3 sections: finding objects, finding numbers, and finding the first (or last) letter in each of the characters names.

This game will keep your child entertained, and educate them in the process.

Hint: tap the question mark for a hint where to look!

Have fun and good luck!

I wanted to upgrade the memory on my HTC Evo 3d from 32gb to 64gb, but many forums said it was not possible. Until I found one that said someone had done it. Except, they didn’t say how! Settings out with the knowledge that it was possible, I tracked down the best, yet inexpensive 64gb […]


By Derek McKinney

Built on Wordpress, as a theme, replicated from original design.

Below are the iPhone and iPad Apps that DTM Web Development has built.

Egg Cracker – iPhone App

By Derek McKinney

Egg Cracker is a fun Kids Game! You can have fun cracking eggs open and finding the surprise friend hidden inside!

Provides hours of entertainment for your children!

Your kids will love this game!

Derek’s Blog

By Derek McKinney

Welcome to Derek’s blog on DerekTMcKinney.com. It’s filled with Derek’s thoughts about technology, the direction it’s going in, and the best ways to use it toward your advantage, as well as reviews of products, and apps. As well as any other topics that are of interest.

DTM Web Development’s Demos

By Derek McKinney

Below you will find demos DTM Web Development has created using Javascript.

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