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Below are the iPhone and iPad Apps that DTM Web Development has built.

Egg Cracker – iPhone App

By Derek McKinney

Egg Cracker is a fun Kids Game! You can have fun cracking eggs open and finding the surprise friend hidden inside!

Provides hours of entertainment for your children!

Your kids will love this game!

Derek’s Blog

By Derek McKinney

Welcome to Derek’s blog on DerekTMcKinney.com. It’s filled with Derek’s thoughts about technology, the direction it’s going in, and the best ways to use it toward your advantage, as well as reviews of products, and apps. As well as any other topics that are of interest.

DTM Web Development’s Demos

By Derek McKinney

Below you will find demos DTM Web Development has created using Javascript.

Below you will find Websites that DTM Web Development has created, either from scratch, or from existing files provided by clients.

Rotating Products

By Derek McKinney

This is a cooler way to display rotating products and percentages using javascript. It creates a game for product and percentage selection.

Timer Script

By Derek McKinney

Timer Script in Javascript.

Spinning Deals and Discounts

By Derek McKinney

Spinning Deals and Discounts demonstrates how to use javascript to create a spinning product selection, and then a spinning percentage selection after the products finish spinning.

Moving Numbers

By Derek McKinney

This example shows how javascript can be used to move numbers from one div to another, and change features on the two divs to reflect that they have been changed.

Spinning Deals

By Derek McKinney

Example of using Javascript to display spinning deals and discounts.