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I found this app called Granny Smith when I was on Android Central, and the reviewer raved about the app. Not to mention the cost was only $0.99. It was created by the same people that created Sprinkle, which is a great game. It was easy to learn the controls. There are only two, lift […]

Easy Run makes it easy to collect your friends/co-workers orders when you are running out to make a coffee run, or food run for lunch.

Help the animals find their home in this fun, educational game for children. It’s easy to comprehend, and very rewarding once your child finds the animal’s home.

This game will teach your child about animals, and about where they live.

Where’s My Home will keep your child entertained for hours.

Pop Some Corn – iPhone App

By Derek McKinney

Pop Some Corn is a fun kids game where they can pop some popcorn by pressing on a piece of corn on the cob with their warm finger to make it pop.

Also, watch for the hidden corn friend to appear at the bottom of the screen to take you to the secret level!

Very easy to play! Very fun!

Kids will love it!

StoryPassers – iPhone

By Derek McKinney

Do you have the skills to write your part of the story in 1000 characters or less?

The StoryPassers App is the App where you can write with the community that has been formed through StoryPassers.com, sharing your part of the story. Search through the stories, and find the one that’s for you. Then write your section, in the specified amount of characters or less, and it’s ready for the next writer to contribute to.

What you can do…

Create Stories
Manage Your Existing Stories
Read Other Passers Stories
Add to Other Passers Stories
Manage Your Friends
Manage Your Messages
Manage Your Profile
Enjoy Writing and Reading!

You can also manage all your account options on StoryPassers.com.

Can you catch all the Tiny Bugs? How fast can you catch them? Your eyes will be spinning by the end!

The objective of Tiny Bugs is to catch all the bugs as fast as possible. Simply tap on the bug to catch it, and it will move to the glass jar. Catch all the bugs to stop the timer. There are 3 levels of difficulty, which effect the size and speed of the bugs, as well as the amount of points you can earn upon completing a level.

Tiny Bugs is integrated with OpenFeint, so it makes score tracking seamless. Challenge your friends to beat your score. Can you unlock all the achievements?

Bubble Kittens – Save all the kittens before they float away!

The Kittens are trapped in Bubbles and are floating away, you have to pop the bubbles they are in to save them.

Dogs are also trapped in bubbles too, but DON’T let them loose, otherwise they will chase the kittens.

There are 21 levels of fun, each with a different number of stages to complete. Each stage brings more kittens to save at a faster pace.

Full featured reservation system and website built completely from scratch using PHP and MySQL.


By Derek McKinney

Built completely from scratch using PHP, MySQL to power the custom CMS. Used jquery for photo editing effects.


By Derek McKinney

Built completely from scratch using PHP, MySQL to power the custom CMS.

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